What is household cleaning?
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What is household cleaning?

It does not have much mystery, we understand as cleaning the home everything related to the maintenance and cleanliness of the place where one lives and resides.

cleaning at home by hours

We are not only talking about cleaning in general, but also about all the order and basic maintenance of a house. & nbsp;

How to clean the house?

Everyone has their own customs and tricks when it comes to cleaning the house, but one thing is clear: “it is not cleaner who cleans, but who less messes”, and here lies the key, < > try to mess up and mess up as little as possible. & nbsp;

How to plan the cleaning of the home?

We do not intend to explain how to do the cleaning of the home step by step, but if we recommend you use the hours of the day when the house is empty, we talk about children, pets, guests, etc.

There is no ideal planning, but if you want your apartment to be clean and always tidy, at least it should be cleaned a couple of times a week.

Many times it is not possible to plan for that reason there is the possibility of hiring & nbsp; cleaning the home for hours , which often take you out of a hurry. Consult us and we offer you a budget without problems.

Also we can help you with a thorough cleaning to make it easier to maintain and clean your home during the week.

If you prefer you can consult your case and we will advise you in everything you need.